For metric we, the artist collective Aries House Zaes, have generated a performative work, which is a sequel to metric displacement. The three artists for metric are located on three different continents, in three different cities: Shenzhen, China; Bern, Switzerland; and Boston, USA.

The sound material each records a series of short rhythmic loops cut to locked grooves on vinyl, played on turntables. Video and audio from the turntables are streamed to a Zoom meeting so that the rhythms can be heard together, but only as transformed by the temporal distortions inherent to Zoom and to online relationships. Furthermore, a score was created and a timed length was chosen for the performance in which each of the turntablists adhered to their cues, leaving them free to choose which loops to play.

Metric, like its installative version, is meant to re-emphasize how materiality is central to the work, and hence an assemblage of objects that are unseen in this piece (the records, the turntables, the network cables) –  but all heard.

Recorded in 2023, release in 2024