Picture: Heroines of Sound, 2023, Berlin

The piece „It’s Not Quiet In The Void“ is dedicated to delicate sound textures and noises that address the transition into a new acoustic moment. Using her instrument, a modular custom synthesizer, Annie focuses on sound textures that slowly merge into dense sound clusters, accompanied by generative rhythmic patterns, and forms new sound events from this gradual process: New soundscapes emerge that mutually enrich and contrast each other in their sound spectrum and decay organically. The resulting acoustic microstructures are influenced by the sounds of their sonic environment. An amalgam of field recordings and the synthetic sounds of the modular synthesizer opens up an acoustic space in constant search of new caesuras, the impermanent and the unpredictable.

Duration: 35′
EP release on January 26, 2024, Everest Records, Bern Switzerland
Release concert at Dampfzentrale Bern, January 25, 2024

Last performed at Sonic Matter Festival December 2023 for 8 Loudspeakers