Rüfenacht/Schmid – Kataklasit

Cataclasites are solid rocks with a mostly non-directional-chaotic microstructure, which was formed by fractured deformation and dynamic recrystallization due to tectonic forces. Asphalt and stone dissolve, merge with digital fragments, these merge again with water, the water with stone, to always unite in an astal-like landscape. The piece Kataklasit deals with the ephemeral, the independent in nature and in the digital world.

Last shown 2017, ZeughausKultur Brig

Videoinstallation (2016)
Sandra Schmid (Video), Annie Rüfenacht (Music)

Honorary Mention for Annie Rüfenacht & Sandra Schmid
for Kataklasit
| Jury statement Björn Gottstein

The jury of the Giga-Hertz Award 2020 awards the Swiss artist
duo Annie Rüfenacht & Sandra Schmid an Honorary Mention.
The jury was impressed by their work Kataklasit, with which
Rüfenacht & Schmid explore visual and acoustic aspects of
stones. Their meticulous approach, bordering on scientificity,
uses a microscopic eye and ear to achieve a highly abstract
dissolution of the recrystallization processes. The result is a visual
surface that traces changes in the structure of the stones which is
reflected in multiple, finely graduated and dissected shades of
grey, as well as an acoustic surface that illustrates the subliminal
nature of the processes by oscillating between field recordings
and colored noise. In its overall effect, however, Kataklasit stands
out especially for its fine, harmonious and atmospheric overall
impression. The double character of the work, between
scientificity and abstraction, impressed the jury to a great extent.